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What is infrastructure Assessment ?

Infrastructure Assessment: The product quality much depends on the available production infrastructure and quality system practices available with the manufacturer. To ensure this, DOT QA does infrastructure assessment, which includes:

  • Validation of quality system procedures adopted
  • Production process employed
  • Test equipment & test procedures provided
  • Level of value addition
  • Production capacity

What is Production Qualification Tests ?

Production Qualification Tests Production Qualification Tests are done before Bulk Production approval. This is to ascertain :

  • Bulk produced equipment meets the GR
  • Quality and Reliability in the production process
  • Adequacy of infrastructure
  • Efficacy of production process
  • CACT approval for components
  • Value addition in case of HTOT

What is Vendor Rating ?

Vendor Rating :Vendor Rating is introduced in the Department to procure items/equipments from a vendor who is able to delivery the product in good quality on competitive process, with timely deliveries to achieve planned operational targets.

The weightage presently given are 0.6 for price, 0.3 for delivery and 0.1 for quality. At present Quality Rating is done based on ISO 9000 certification. The QA Circle is responsible for giving the delivery ratings to different vendors.